Company History

Saladin has provided security services since 1975 and was the original company to offer specialist security services in difficult and high risk areas of the world.

Early years saw Saladin providing protection for many overseas governments, and for the British Foreign & Commonwealth Office. The company worked extensively in Africa and the Middle East, but provided services on all continents, including for nine Heads of State and for many government dignitaries.

Towards the end of the 1980s the company reorganised, developed and extended its range of conventional security services and started working consistently with commercial companies. The oil & gas industry and mining companies continue to be important clients.

The company is staffed primarily by ex-members of the Armed Forces and Police, who have great experience of the relevant skills and systems. Specialists in other disciplines are brought in as necessary.


Company Founded

Saladin Security founded as a UK registered company


Expansion into Afghanistan

Saladin registers in Afghanistan soon after the US invasion and commences protective services for the EU in Kabul


Expansion into South Sudan

Saladin sets up in South Sudan


Expansion into Ghana

Ghana office is opened in Accra


Expansion into Kenya and Somalia

Nairobi office opened as demand for services develops in northern Kenya and Somalia


40th Anniversary

40th Anniversary